Panoramic Photos

A whole bunch of different panoramic pictures taken over the last few years, all the images on this page are scaled from the originals to 800 pixels across for easy viewing. To see the originals right-click on the links under the picture (either medium for a 25% scale one, or large for the full-size) then hit "save link as" save it where ever you want, and open in your preferred image viewing application. I don't recommend just left clicking and using IE, opera or even firefox as the originals are pretty big, up to 22,000 pixels across!!


Medium 1.2MB   Large 12.5MB

Medium 0.8MB   Large 8.7MB

Medium 360KB   Large 3.5MB


Medium 580KB   Large 6.2MB

Medium 490KB   Large 4.9MB

Medium 1.2MB   Large 10.1MB


Medium 350KB   Large 3.5MB


Large 1.3MB

Medium 150KB   Large 7MB

Kuala Lumpur

Medium 1.0MB   Large 10.9MB