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August 2006
Got my new website up and running! wowzaa!


Bristol docks, April 2005.


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December, 2006

Hi and welcome

This is currently a work in progess, so please excuse the mistakes, some of the links don't yet work and a few other minor things!

There's a small range of different sections here, which I'm slowly adding to, the most interesting is my projects page which includes details on a number of my recent (and a few not so recent) projects, which generally combine woodworking and computers/electronics. I've also got a bunch of photos here which is a good way to let friends and family see them, without resorting to Flickr!

It all used to run on my own apache server in my house, but times they are a-changing, and now I actually pay for hosting. The main issue was that the broadband up pipe just isn't big enough to handle 40 simultaneous requests for thumbnail images, but I do still host a small amount hosted at home cos my host doesn't support php (for the price I pay who does!) and I have a little wiki I use as an advance bookmark page. I might link to it one day, but honestly the poor server probably can't handle more than one person at a time.

New Stuff

Added a bunch of stuff in photos!