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December 2006
New panoramas up


Bangkok Park, 2004.


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December, 2006

Here be photos!


Panoramas! I've been playing with a new (to me) piece of software (Autostitch, link to the right) to make panoramas which has worked a lot better than the 'professional' one I was using before. So I thought I'd stick a selection of them up here for people to look at.

panorific!! Panorific fun for everyone !

These were taken over the last few years, I went to Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore in 2004, and they were taken using a 4 Megapixel pentax compact (OptioS4). The Cornwall ones are from 2005, using my Canon d20 8 Megapixel SLR. And the Bristol ones were taken in 2005 and 2006, again with the canon. I am planning to go back and retake some of the Bristol ones using a better set up, to hopefully enable me to make some higher quality images.


Airshow and maybe some other stuff coming soon.