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August 2006
Got my new website up and running! wowzaa!

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Ah, Bristol Suspension Bridge, and the expensive part of Clifton!


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December 2006


Here are details of a few of my current and past projects, and maybe even some of my future plans. I enjoy working with a wide range of materials, including both metal and wood, and tend to try and put a computer into anything I can.

The following projects aren't really sorted into any order, but newer ones tend to be higher up.

Coffee Table

Coffee Table

A media-center style PC, built into a coffee table. This houses an upfacing monitor, visible through a glass table surface, and a 1.4GHz AMD PC, which is mainly used to play music and watch/timeshift TV. (2004 - Current) Originally I wanted to build a classic arcade emulator (MAME or something), and thought it would be nice to make it in the classic cocktail table design, with a monitor facing up under a glass top, all around desk height. But after doing thinking, and some doodles, I decided that I just couldn't justify spending that kind of time and money on something that would only get occasional use, also it just wouldn't fit anyway (alas I don't live in a huge apartment).

Subwoofer Amp

Sub Woofer and Amp

The 0.1 in my 5.1 home cinema system. I bought a 5.0 (ie no sub) system a few years ago, and at the time was mainly using it for music, so didn't really feel the need for one. But as my whole home cinema system has come together, I felt the time had come to crank up the sub-bass output. Unfortunately good sub's cost lots, and as I'm doing it on the cheap, I decided to just build my own. I also had to build an amplifier, as the home cinema amps only include 5 channels, for the main speakers, sub's are usually powered. (Dec 2005 - Febuary 2006)

Micro Server

Mini-ITX Server

A Mini-ITX based server built into a custom case, all around the size of a small shoe box. Nice and low power (around 30w in all) so costs very little to run, and almost totally silent. It used to host this website, but has now been relegated to file serving and recording radio off DAB. (2004)

Projector Screen

Projector Screen

Bought this projector screen back in 2003, it was a manual pull-down model which was sooo much cheaper than an electric one. But recently decided it was time to go automatic, but still couldn't afford one, so just converted my old one. (Febuary 2006)

Desktop PC

Main Desktop PC

My main day-to-day PC, built into a transparent case which has all the usual bling lighting required to impress my fellow geeks. (August 2005)

Old Projects

No extra information on these, so don't even think of clicking!

CD Rack

Made this out of mainly MDF and pine, I think sometime around 2000, holds about 350 CD's and is still used in my living room, although I am planning a new one as this is somewhat full.

TV/Video Unit

Pine unit, with 4 drawers, and space for 3 video/DVD/Hi-Fi units. Came out pretty nice, it was my first real piece of 'real wood' woodworking, no hiding mistakes like you can with MDF.

Future Projects

Hi-Fi Rack

Fully adjustable Hi-Fi rack, probably will be steel/perspex (if I can afford it) construction, seperate power/audio/video cable runs, height (and maybe size too) adjustable shelves.

Wall Clock/Alarm

Clock, that like hangs on the wall, and goes beeb, and stuff. Really want it to be very clever, so 7-seg LED's which display time, and also able to show temperature, date, and maybe some other info. Linked to a PC for accurate time keeping and data up-loading.

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